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As most of you should be aware of, we have now successfully established a hub server. We are working on it, and will be inviting all Construct Craft users to come on. Some players that have been on Construct Craft exceptionally long will receive a award. Ranks will change. We will be getting the hub built asap. If you have any build team recommendations then comment on this article and tell us! The server is currently operating on White List mode, so you cannot join at the moment. At the bottom of this article will be a list of White Listed players. Keep your eyes open for more news on Construct Craft! We are thankful to everybody who has helped make Construct Craft a success, and we hope to see you soon on Hybolt Hub Network!  We would like to congratulate all of you by allowing you to be an exclusive rank on Hybolt Hub Network, in return for the great things you've done for us. Do note that all staff on Construct Craft will not remain staff on Hybolt Hub Network, please don't complain, as you will get a donation rank anyway. We hope that Hybolt Hub Network is a success and look forward to what it has to offer in the future! Once again, a big thank you to everybody who has joined Construct Craft, and bothered to register on this website. Construct Craft may continue to run despite the opening of the hub, but its not a certain definite. 

We hope that you enjoy your new Hybolt Hub Network!
As I know, the majority of you are RolePlay crazy, therefore there will be an RolePlay server exclusively made for you! If you have any other suggestions, comment underneath. 

White Listed Players

Please do not complain if you are not on this list, as you will get a chance to join once Hybolt Hub Networks is released.


Your Construct Craft/Hybolt Hub Network Owners,

supersebbie and bshayhoe

Email: -
Twitter: @constructcraft1 (Hybolt Twitter coming soon)
Facebook: (Hybolt FaceBook coming soon)
Radio: CC Radio via Spotify on Soundrop
Website: (Hybolt website coming soon)

Bye! See you on the hub! The IP will only be mentioned to the White Listed players only.

New contest, new rules, new acts, lets see!

In this event you can rehearse any type of talent that you would like to be performed. Do anything, from reading a story to singing in words, you name it, you can perform it. You can also use the stage to do tricks and build impressive things. We hope you enjoy rehearsal, good luck, too!
May the best act win.

If you have an act, and would like to perform, please comment below with your name and talent. When there is at least five performers, as soon as all 3 judges are on-line, we will start the auditions. If you make it through to the Live Show, then you have a chance of winning the rank V.I.P, which is a donation rank, this is the prize for winning Construct Craft's Got Talent. I'll make further posts when its time for the Live Show, to indicate who has made it through auditioning. If your act is declined during your audition, then you will be kicked of the show immediately, not having a chance at going through to the Live Show. I will put more posts following this, just comment below with your username and talent then you're automatically signed in! As soon as you are on-line with a judge, you can audition at your own time. 

Don't copy other acts, or you will be kicked out of the contest. You can nick clips of films, or YouTube videos to show us something interesting or funny, too. You can team up if you wish too, but when signing up, put all the names of your group and come up with a group name.
Heres an example of a comment:

Group Name - Example
Team members - supersebbie, bshayhoe and seanzito

That is all you have to do, and as soon as all of your group players are on, as well as a judge, then you can audition! You can work alone too, if you want to perform alone, then thats fine, you don't need to be in a group. 

If you're group wins, all the team members will receive V.I.P. Don't rush, and rehearse first and make sure its entertaining! Good luck to all of the Constructians out there!

If you have any questions, comment below. Remember, if you haven't signed up, we won't know whether or not you are participating, so if you do not comment below with your team names and your group name, them you aren't allowed to be in this competition. Don't use rude names for your group, or anything silly. Keep the act simple, as you will be performing on a stage, and can't use certain items such as TNT e.t.c. You can build on the stage, if granted by permission from the CCGT staff. 

If your signup was accepted I'll comment on your comment saying Accepted. If it was declined, I will not comment on your registration. 

Also, the registration deadline is 23rd of July 2014, so if you register after 3:00pm you're signup won't be accepted. The Live Show will be held that day after 4:00pm, so make sure to hang around after then! I am sorry if I am not on! Just to let you know, if you are American, please use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is our time zone here in England. If you are American, check the English time. Thanks!

Hope you make it through to the final!

Many thanks, from the Construct Craft entertainment and event team

From your Owner,

Skythegirl1 Name: Sky Talent: Singing
10ztd10 @ ConstructCraft
Name :10ztd10 Talent - Writing and reading a story
[[Owner] supersebbie a Example Group Name supersebbie and bshayhoe Doing magic tricks (this is what your signup comment should look like) ...


[[Owner] supersebbie a posted Jul 12, 14
Welcome, those of you who are new to Construct Craft! 
Our IP is

Follow us on twitter - @constructcraft1

So, there hasn't been a newsletter in a while. We apologize for that, and here is a new edition. We will continue to make weekly newsletters, we are sorry about this delay.

Top Headline
IP has been changed! Continue to use, or you may now use!
Yes, finally, our IP has been changed!

Primary Headine
Head-Admin up for grabs - 
There is a challenge that Helper+ may undertake. If you want to join the Head-Admin contest, then comment below! For more information on challenges, look at my page!

Secondary Headline
New city progress started, if you would like to have your building put in it, then please comment below, and I will check to see if your build can be pasted with WorldEdit into city world! 

No new plugins, I'm afraid. If you would like the server to have a plugin that we don't have, do recommend it to us below in the comments!

Yes, continue to use the latest version of MineCraft. Our server is 1.7.10 compatible, so you are able to login to Construct Craft with the latest version. This is good.

Me -
Ellie -
Bshay -
Twitter - @constructcraft1
 -[More Coming Soon]-

Thanks, this is your Construct Craft news and info team!

From you Owner, 

SonOfBULITS SonOfBULITS - Ready for this!

'Ultimate' Rank rules

bshayhoe a posted Jul 3, 14
Hi guys,

So while we have been working hard on the donor ranks I would like to discuss some rules for this rank.

Warp setting:
So the rule that will follow the warp setting department of this rank will be a warp setting limit of 5 warps. While this may seem like a small number of warps that you can set it is for the servers good. If we was to let you set 20 warps the critical information will be over ruled on the server`s console which is vital for either me and supersebbie to notice problems that we may need to tend too.

World creation:
Well this is a big factor of what makes the server either lag or not. If you would like to create a world please create a post on the forums why you would like the server and what you would use it for. Again it is the same problems with warps. It can cause either me or supersebbie to not notice critical details.

World Edit:
This is a massive problem with regards to corrupted chunks occurring when people WorldEdit large areas of land on the server. With regards to brushes please look around the area you are going to brush to make sure that you do not affect anybody elses build which is around yours.

Time changing:
So this is a controversial rule which I or supersebbie may change in the near future. You must use /ptime day for now or /ptime night. This is purely for other players to have their view the way inwhich they want it.

So for now that is all,

If there are any updates this post will be edited.
bshayhoe/Behn Hayhoe
Twitter Feed: @bshayhoeplaysmc
Construct Craft radio: Soundrop via. Spotify
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