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Hey guys thought I would bring an update.
So as of yet we have not interacted with spigot unfortunately however do not fear I may FTP tonight as it works fine when I was testing. We have some problems with our multiworld plugins which may cause a minor setback if I cannot try and recode the plugin and FTP. 
     we do however need to keep the whitelist in place until further notice just for safety`s sake, for now you can visit our forums or pop me or sebbie an email using either: or

So then I guess I should round this off by saying a great big Thanks for your continued support
Deputy-Owner bshayhoe

So, I'm sure there are lots of problems, so I need a list of them therefore I will be able to discuss it with my colleagues and fix them. If you have found/noticed/bumped into any issues then please report it by telling us below. If there are any major difficulties we may have to postpone the server reopening for a while again.

Sorry about this.

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Recently, Mojang has discovered a fatal weakness to MineCraft.
It is highly recommended that you change your password as soon as possible. (This is throughout the whole MineCraft world)

This doesn't affect servers, just please change your password or it may be discharged to another person.
If you wish to hear more on the report via Mojang, please enter the link below:

It is not advised that you remain with the same password for your MineCraft account.

Thanks, and this isn't to do with any hack issues! (This applies for the whole MineCraft community)

Your Construct Craft miscellaneous and user advisor team

From your Owner,


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Server News

[Owner] supersebbie a posted Apr 5, 14
The server is still undergoing its major overhaul, so the Whitelist will remain. We have not yet got intact with Spigot, so this will delay the process sadly. If not possible to retrieve Spigot, we will have to resume on Bukkit. If you require further information please report to our Forums page or comment beneath. We'll soon be open though, also there is no rush. Better quality than millions of things that don't impress.

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Thanks for your help on keeping the server running!

Your Construct Craft plugin & maintenance team, keeping you on track

From your Owner,


Server News

[Owner] supersebbie a posted Apr 4, 14
We have now switched to Spigot, so the server will shortly be open in approximately in a minimum of 5 days, maximum of 10. We are still very unfortunate to this, but we will be back on the rails soon.
If you require further information, keep intact with our twitter @constructcraft1 or follow CC Radio via Spotify! Thanks, and we are very sorry about this delay. We hope to get the server up asap and resume normally. If we haven't fulfilled you with enough information then please feel free to ask any desired question beneath. Thank you for choosing to stay with Construct Craft and we hope to soon see you online!

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Construct Craft info & dispatch team

From your Owner,

[Owner] bshayhoe a I know, there has been a fault with MultiWorld which has cause things to go wrong with ranks. Hopefully getting better ...
iisacreeper On the server, if this makes any sense, im op, but im not op.
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[Owner] supersebbieHow did your account get deleted?

If possible I'll try find an account for you, we wouldn't like to see you go
[Owner] supersebbieTroy how c
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troyingySadly My Minecraft was deleted so... I guess this is goodbye take care of Apocalypse for me. Also, a huge thanks to all the good people on Construct Craft, I had a good time.
[Owner] bshayhoe   What do you meen?
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