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The Server

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Mar 14, 15  -  RebootTowny

Hi there,

Well after much consideration we have decided to 'reboot' server giving it a new and improved look, we are currently working to bring you the new server which will be themed around the Towny plugin so that we are opening our doors to the wider community. 

Well thanks for reading and more will follow,


FreeBuild World

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Feb 16, 15

Hey all,

There is currently a proble with the free build world which means it will have to be removed. I will make it avaliable on mediafire for download and will also try and resolve the issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience


Hi all,

Its been a while, huh?

Well I was wondering what you feel our best option would be if we were to completetly redesign the server. So I have setup a small strawpoll which you can do so that we get a good idea of what we are working with.

So have a great day and there will be more posts as the day goes on.



Chat Update

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Jan 3, 15

There are now Separate Channels for you to talk in, this includes an RP channel, Donator Channels and others including Staff Channels and a Support Channel where you can wait for use to let you into a Private Support Room.


Hey Guys and Gals,

So over this weekend I will be updating the plugins and re-doing permissions so that you get the best experience possible. The update will start now (10:00 GMT) and there will be a whitelist until (15:00 GMT).


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