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Hi guys,

So well it has been a manic road and I would like to just give a few words to you all, even if you don't remember them you can still look back here.
Me and seb have looking at how unpopular the server is and this means that we need players. We have the server posted on MCSL so go vote. Also if you have Twitter, tweet the servers ip and website. We want the Construct Craft community to thrive which is why I will be talking to seb about switching over to an objective server not a Hybrid server like it is now.

Like I said, post img on PMC, Minecraft Forum and tweet it out ;)


Follow Up Q&A

[Owner] supersebbie a posted Mon at 20:14
Here is a little summary of questions you might like to ask.

Q: Why is the server shutting down?
A: It is pointless to pay for a server that is unpopular.

Q: Why don't you just downgrade your host plan?
A: It might be cheaper, but there is still no point in paying for a unused server.

Q: How can I help?
A: 1. Advertising 2. Getting your friends to join 3. Liking us on server lists etc.

Q: Will donations help?
A: Yes, donations will be greatly appreciated. This will help us to keep the server
up, but one point is, there is nobody that can donate, as the server us unpopular.

Q: Why don't you just advertise?
A: We are on all major server lists, but nobody votes for the server or likes it.

Q: Why can't you just keep the server up for longer so we have more time to get players?
A: We will have to pay to keep the server up for an extra 6 months.

Q: When is the server shutting?
A: The server will shut in 5 months.

Q: How much do you pay for the server?
A: I pay $24.95 every month. 

Q: There are barely any staff members, so its very easy to grief the server!
A: We know this, and we are trying out best to look for new applicants. If you are interested in becoming a staff member, work hard, and you may be recommended.

Q: Why not just advertise on other servers with the IP?
A: Doing so will only get us banned, and players will think of us as mean and demanding.

Thanks, I hope this has answered some of your questions that you might raise. If you have anymore questions, please let me or bshayhoe know.

Best wishes,
 Your Owner,

Hi Guys,
So this is a little follow on from the post supersebbie made last week about the server.

1) Is the server closing Now?
    A; No, we have 5 months to get it popular

2) Why can't you just downgrade?
    A: Even if the server was to be downgraded it would still be expensive

3) Why would you close the server?
     A: Like I said before, hosting is expensive... especially when people don't use the server

4) Couldn't we donate to keep it going?
    A: If there were more people we would get some income for the server. Seeming as people do              not use it they don't donate.

5) Im scared about what you said, can I have a hug?
    A: Sure, we have a while to get the server out there, so get your friends to get their friends                etc.

Thanks as always,

Lack of Players

[Owner] supersebbie a posted Fri at 17:38
Construct Craft might 
be shutting down, this is due to a lack of players. If we can get popular within 6 months, then we might
remain open. Anyway, a good server I know is reopening; MetaServe. It was the first server I ever joined in MC, so I really miss it. It will be opening this Saturday, so keep a look out!

IP: play.MetaServeMC.Net

Join this Saturday!

P.S. I know I am advertising, but the server is shutting down soon anyway so it doesn't really matter. 
Okay, so here is the monthly newsletter October's edition. To start of, our new halloween themed spawn has been created. So if you are thinking has it been griefed, then that answers your question. We hope you all enjoy it! There will be 1 or 2 new MiniGames coming soon. Trick or Treat is one, but hasn't got any gameplay. If you want to suggest what you could do in Trick or Treat, then comment below with your suggestion. 

On a higher note, we have added the Donation page back on our website. Feel free to donate for extra perks and ranks. The donation system has been put in place, so you can pay using Paypal. We hope you enjoy these extra special new features. If you need help donating or want to request a rank/perk or plugin to be added, then please tell us. If you have any ideas on how to improve spawn then please do leave a comment underneath. Anyway, happy Halloween! I know its a little early. 

One more thing before you go, there will be a Copyright License. This means that you can ask a staff member to approve your build on the not copyable list. If anyone attempts/does copy your build, the copy cat will be temporarily banned. Please remember you cannot copyright your build alone, you must ask a staff member to do it for you. Staff will simply put a sign next to you build with the following:

Format for Sign

[Username of build]
Copyright CC
[Staff member] 

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy the new features added to Construct Craft!

Your Owner,

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