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Holiday Updates!

[Owner] bshayhoe a posted Aug 11, 14
Hi guys,

So I will be traveling to Italy on the 22nd of August for 10 days. During this time I should be on Console but I cannot Guarantee it. I will make sure that I take my iPad and will keep you updated on what I will be doing via My Twitter.

So thanks and I hope you are all looking forward to the release of Hybolt Networks.


Hybolt Twitter: Coming Soon
Hybolt Facebook: Coming Soon
Hybolt Radio: Coming Soon
Hybolt Website: Coming soon

This is August's edition of your monthly Construct Craft * Hybolt Newsletter.

As everybody should be aware of, I am on vacation. I will not be returning till the 20th of August. This will be in 10 days from when this was posted on. 10.8.14. I do have internet connection though, so I will be able to check up on the servers! Though it has a foreign keyboard.

Anyway, on the other side of things, seanzito has came up with a brilliant idea! This is to create events, such as a Halloween event in October, which might change the spawn's theme, and also exclusive contests will be held during the month. And in Christmas, spawn will be decorated with snowmen, and a Christmas tree. In Easter there will be a egg hunt at spawn, and a fireworks display and countdown clock for New Year. Birthday Events will be held too, so, if its your birthday, inform us! We can decorate the spawn with balloons, and little cake stalls and a present from us all. If I've missed anything please tell me! If me and/or bshayhoe cannot attend to the server, SonOfBULITS will be in charge of management.


- Construct Craft/Hybolt Networks team

From your Owner supersebbie
[[Owner] supersebbie a Son, I think seanzito's house may have been griefed. As you are in charge right now, its your responsibility to solve th ...
[H-Adm] SonOfBULITS So basically... I'm in charge until you get back? Cool ...
seanzito OMG!! Thanks for using my idea ^-^ im so happy!
Hello, the Weekly newsletter has turned monthly. Now, in this update, we will be exploring Hybolt Hub Network features. Hybolt is developing well, with 4 servers currently being used. The IP would only be mentioned to invited players. The 4 servers include * Bungee Backend * Hub * MiniGames * Prison *.
We hope that it can be released soon! If you have suggestions, post underneath in the comments!

On the other hand, Construct Craft will be staying up. I was thinking of turning it into an RP Server. This meaning that RolePlays can be held 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you would like to invest in this idea, comment underneath!

Twitter - @constructcraft1
Emails - or
Hybolt Networks Website - Coming soon
Hybolt Networks Facebook - Coming soon
Hybolt Networks Twitter - Coming soon
Hybolt Networks Radio - Coming soon

I am supersebbie, with your classical Monthly Newsletter!
Have any ideas for the Newsletter? Post underneath, telling us your opinion!

- We are investing in making the Monthly Newsletter more sophisticated and colourful, this means adding a layout, and uploading an image. I will be working on Augusts edition of the newsletter shortly.

Please remember I am on vacation for 3 weeks and will not be back till August 20th. I am in Dubrovnik with Ellie, and we are near the seaside. Servers will continue to operate normally, and I am sure bshayhoe will cover for me. I hope to see you soon! Bshayhoe is now incharge, all inquiries should be taken to him. Please pm me for more info! I am also introducting Staff points, negative and positive. If a staff member does something wrong, and a player reports it on the fourms, the staff will get negative point(s). If a staff member is doing miraculously well, upload a screenshot and they will receive a positive  point(s). If you manage to get a certain number of staff points depending on your rank, you may be offered a promotion. If you get too many complaints and negative points, you will be downgraded to a rank below you.

Thanks, and I am supersebbie with your new edition of the Monthly Newsletter!

[H-Adm] SonOfBULITS You and Ellie eh? *wink wink* Eh? EH?! (lol i'll stop) On another note: I think we should add A Survival/Creative, As w ...
Hi, I am on holiday, and this is for 3 weeks. Also, my keyboard is completely different from the UK. I am sure you will miss me, but do not fear, I will be back shortly, on the 20th of August. I am sure Hybolt is doing well, and it would be cool if you guys could surprise me when I come back. Construct Craft will run as usual, and it might be possible for me to get on console occasionally on my Kindle Fire HD. I am in Dubrovnik, and have flown with Ryanair.
Thanks, and good luck!

Hybolt ˘ Construct Craft Owner,


As most of you should be aware of, we have now successfully established a hub server. We are working on it, and will be inviting all Construct Craft users to come on. Some players that have been on Construct Craft exceptionally long will receive a award. Ranks will change. We will be getting the hub built asap. If you have any build team recommendations then comment on this article and tell us! The server is currently operating on White List mode, so you cannot join at the moment. At the bottom of this article will be a list of White Listed players. Keep your eyes open for more news on Construct Craft! We are thankful to everybody who has helped make Construct Craft a success, and we hope to see you soon on Hybolt Hub Network!  We would like to congratulate all of you by allowing you to be an exclusive rank on Hybolt Hub Network, in return for the great things you've done for us. Do note that all staff on Construct Craft will not remain staff on Hybolt Hub Network, please don't complain, as you will get a donation rank anyway. We hope that Hybolt Hub Network is a success and look forward to what it has to offer in the future! Once again, a big thank you to everybody who has joined Construct Craft, and bothered to register on this website. Construct Craft may continue to run despite the opening of the hub, but its not a certain definite. 

We hope that you enjoy your new Hybolt Hub Network!
As I know, the majority of you are RolePlay crazy, therefore there will be an RolePlay server exclusively made for you! If you have any other suggestions, comment underneath. 

White Listed Players

Please do not complain if you are not on this list, as you will get a chance to join once Hybolt Hub Networks is released.


Your Construct Craft/Hybolt Hub Network Owners,

supersebbie and bshayhoe

Email: -
Twitter: @constructcraft1 (Hybolt Twitter coming soon)
Facebook: (Hybolt FaceBook coming soon)
Radio: CC Radio via Spotify on Soundrop
Website: (Hybolt website coming soon)

Bye! See you on the hub! The IP will only be mentioned to the White Listed players only.

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