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We welcome all of our new players to Construct Craft
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Thanks for playing and we will see you ingame soon!

Chat Update

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Jan 3, 15

There are now Separate Channels for you to talk in, this includes an RP channel, Donator Channels and others including Staff Channels and a Support Channel where you can wait for use to let you into a Private Support Room.


Hey Guys and Gals,

So over this weekend I will be updating the plugins and re-doing permissions so that you get the best experience possible. The update will start now (10:00 GMT) and there will be a whitelist until (15:00 GMT).


Construct Craft News - Issue 1 - 23-11-14

Today sparks a new release onto the Construct Craft Blog - Construct Craft News - This will be released weekly so you can keep up to date on what the staff and what events are happening. Along with when the server may be going into Maintenance Mode and for how long. So lets kick this off with our top headline!

 Save the server campaign!

So unfortunately supersebbie has come to the decision that if the server doesn't get popular then we will have to close, so we urge you to invite your friends to keep our awesome community alive, we would all hate see the server close so make sure you get friends and be active!

Christmas Commands and Shop additions

So you may or may have not have noticed but there has been a new category 'Seasonal Packs' which you will be able to view very soon! This category will be released on the 1st of December so you can purchase a Pack depending on what season it is! 

1.8 Update Roll Out - 26-11-14 to 28-11-14

On either Wednesday 26 November or Friday 28 November we will be rolling out the 1.8 update across the Minecraft Server! This means 1.8 clients will be able to be used on our services! Yay!
Hi guys,

During the updates the other day I managed to get 75x75 Plots to work, I will be working to open up the plots to the public soon but the spawn is yet to be built.

As for livestreams I am planning to do them every Sunday (Some Exceptions) you can view them on:

I am playing:
Civ V,
ETS 2 and many more games!

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