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Date Starting: 28/09/2014
Date Ending: 28/09/2014

Time Starting: 8:30AM BST
Time Ending: 9:15AM BST

Reasons for break:
-To update some plugins
-To sort out some new permissions that have not yet been sorted
-To add some new features to the FreeBuild area

Thanks in advance,
The Construct Craft Management Team
Skythegirl1 has failed to provide a slip agreeing to our rules. She therefore will be demoted on 20/10/2014 if she doesn't do it by then. Please remember that you must sign the official agreement act on our forums! If not done by two months of procession, you  shall be demoted. 

Your Owner

Apply online and apply on time! 


[Owner] supersebbie a 1. I'll delete the agreement post, its useless... (if she doesn't sign it) 2. I thought you had to be active on the webs ...
[Owner] supersebbie a I might as well delete the agreement section in the forum then.. its useless
[Co-Own] bshayhoe a <-- Sky Agreeing to the rules ...


[Owner] supersebbie a posted Sep 24, 14
As you know, the spawn's theme will change for different events. At the moment it is the Back-To School theme, and we will be changing it to the Halloween Theme on October 10th. This will be supervised by me, and we will be decorating and transforming the hole of CC Spawn. This will be commencing shortly. Have a great time!

Your Construct Craft Owner,

New Game

[Owner] supersebbie a posted Sep 24, 14
Okay, so I've had this idea for a new MiniGame/Contest thing... Basically, you answer questions about CC and whoever gets the most right wins V.I.P. It will only happen every month though, and will be held at the International Construct Craft Convention Centre. It hasn't been named yet, so we need some ideas flowing! We'd like to have different themes each times, like one time a theme about ranks, then a theme about history, e.t.c and so on. Post your quiz show names down underneath! Thanks!

Your Construct Craft Owner, 

[Owner] supersebbie a No, its a quiz show and you answer questions about Construct Craft. You are playing against others too. Btw, the game is ...
[Mod] seanzito So this is like, the museum I made, and ur asking about the museum attractions..?


[Owner] supersebbie a posted Sep 13, 14
Me and bshayhoe were thinking of removing FreeBuild to be left with just Plot World, as we are expanding the plots to be bigger. Vote Y for yes to delete FreeBuild and vote N for no to keep FreeBuild. If there are no votes, then FreeBuild will be deleted. Thanks.

Your Owners, 
         supersebbie & bshayhoe
[Mod] seanzito I vote N. We all love freebuild <3
[JrMod] 10ztd10 I vote N.. I love freebuild <3
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