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[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted 13 hours ago

Hey all,

Well as our our journey comes to an end, I guess it is time for me to announce my retirement. I thank you all for coming and playing on Construct Craft and I wish you all very well in your next engagement.

Thank You,



[Owner] supersebbie a posted Feb 22, 15

I no longer play MineCraft and from beyond this point I will not be maintaining the server. I am sorry for the inconveniece!  I'm not sure what will happen to the server, but I'm afraid I will not be paying for it anymore. File all complaints via my email at

FreeBuild World

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Feb 16, 15

Hey all,

There is currently a proble with the free build world which means it will have to be removed. I will make it avaliable on mediafire for download and will also try and resolve the issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience


Hi all,

Its been a while, huh?

Well I was wondering what you feel our best option would be if we were to completetly redesign the server. So I have setup a small strawpoll which you can do so that we get a good idea of what we are working with.

So have a great day and there will be more posts as the day goes on.



Chat Update

[Co-Own] bshayhoe a posted Jan 3, 15

There are now Separate Channels for you to talk in, this includes an RP channel, Donator Channels and others including Staff Channels and a Support Channel where you can wait for use to let you into a Private Support Room.


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