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[Owner] supersebbie a posted Sat at 18:30
Me and bshayhoe were thinking of removing FreeBuild to be left with just Plot World, as we are expanding the plots to be bigger. Vote Y for yes to delete FreeBuild and vote N for no to keep FreeBuild. If there are no votes, then FreeBuild will be deleted. Thanks.

Your Owners, 
         supersebbie & bshayhoe
[Mod] seanzito I vote N. We all love freebuild <3
[JrMod] 10ztd10 I vote N.. I love freebuild <3
Hello, new school term, new teachers, new class, new students... I know there is a lot to cover in this edition. Firstly, we know school is getting you down, but we'll all get used to it! 
Anyway, Halloween is coming up soon, and the spawn will be refurbished Halloween style!
Also, onto some unfinished business.. 

Me and bshayhoe have got evidence and proof and witnesses to tell us that SonOfBULITS has been rule breaking... Now, we have got a screenshot of him swearing, and I will be eligible to uploading it to my wall for proof. We haven't done anything about the situation yet, but there will be a following post for more info on this in a follow-on Newsletter. 

On the other hand, I will be introducing a new thing. If you are a staff member, then you will have to agree and accept the terms of use of Construct Craft, and keep a few promises. This will make sure no incidents like this never happen again. It's a shame to spoil this summer.

Your Owner,

[H-Adm] SonOfBULITS Seb, I don't remember swearing or breaking any rules... I have been inactive quite a lot, (School, Etc.) but I don't rem ...
In addition to Construct Craft's Got Talent (CCGT) we have renamed it to Construct Factor.
You can perform anything, from building a masterpiece to noteblock jamming!
The ideas and opportunities are limitless, so get practising right away! There is a deadline to when you can register. To register, simply tell me on-line or on the website here on what you are performing and who with. You are allowed to perform in groups or alone. It is your choice. Do not use YouTube to help you with building, or do not get ideas from it.

If you are interested, please have registered by 9/11/2014.
This is the deadline, and we will not accept further entries. You have a long time to register, so do not worry. It will be held at Construct Craft Convention Centre, and everybody is welcome to watch performances. By now and 9/11/2014 we will do auditions. After the expiry date, we will move on to the real competition. Construct Factor may be cancelled depending on how many people have registered.
Good luck, and hope to see your act!

Your Construct Craft entertainment team,


As stated at, you are no longer to sell ranks. This means no donating, so thats the answer to your worries of the loss of the donation page. We are very sorry to hear this, but, we can live without it. We hope you don't mind. Thanks. 
Yay! 1.8 has finally been released, and we would like to spread the 1.8 cheer! We hope you like the update, and the spawn will be refurbished with 1.8 needs. I hope you have a great time, and enjoy the update! The wait for the update was worth the wait.
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