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School Journey

[Owner] supersebbie a posted 6 hours ago
I will be away for 5 days; November 3rd till November 7th. I will be going to Ireland with my school and I will have no access to any electronic device. I hope everybody has had a great Halloween by the way, and have a good time. Thanks!

Your Owner,



[Owner] supersebbie a posted 6 hours ago
Please remember to bring your friends and keep the server at its peak; if we do not receive a fair amount of people in 5 months, then the server will have to shut down. To prevent this, you could invite your friends or other people you know to allow the server to grow. It would seem a shame to see the server close, so please get involved!

Good Luck!

Your Owner,

New Forum Rules

[H-Adm] seanzito posted Wed at 19:31

Hello Construct Craft Players, I'm your newest Head-Admin, seanzito. And I'm here to talk about something: Forum Rules

 Some of these rules are similiar to the server ones.

1. Do Not Swear!

2. Do Not Advertise Servers In Threads Or Posts!

3. Do Not Necro Post (This means, posting in a thread that's pretty old.)

4. Do Not Make Applications On The Wrong Place (Applications Forum), It Will Lower Your Chances.

5. Do Not Lie On Applications, You Can Get In Intense Trouble If You Do!

6. Listen To Staff!

7. Enjoy The Server!

Thanks for now,




Have a chance of getting 10% off your next purchase on the Donation Store! Or, even just get 10.00 USD off from your next checkout. The first person to buy something with the code, keeps the code! Please note only one person will be able to use each code. Once the first person has bought an item, the codes will expire. So please do not complain about the codes not working.

Note: This is sort of a competition.


UNKNOWNMAN001         Deal: $10 off entire cart, but you must be spending a minimum of $10.50.

ADMIN123                          Deal: 10% off entire cart, no limit/minimal amount needs to be spent.

Thanks, and good luck!

Your Owner,

Hey guys,

So the store has been updated and we have added some cool new items, the latest additions are:

Server Unban: $20
IP Unban: $30
Halloween Command Bundle: $2

A new coupon has been added which expires on the 2nd November 2014! With this you can save 20% on selected items in the store.
Code: SP00KY

Now I would like to introduce our brand new Head-Admin:

Sean has been on the Construct Craft journey for a long time and after much hard work he has achieved a great new rank!

Thanks for now,

[Co-Owner and Store Admin]
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